WITTMANN Group's solution to Industry 4.0.
  • G-Max Series

    For injection molding machines of up to 400 tons clamping force.

    One kind of control unit for all kinds of machines.
  • ATON plus

    The ATON plus segmented wheel dryer with net5 system provides the advantages of a consistent dew point and maximum energy efficiency.
  • SmartPower 25 – 350 t

    The compact servohydraulic machines with intelligent, energy-saving drive system –  "unlimited" in precision, efficiency and usability.
  • TeachBox R8.3

    The WITTMANN robot control is providing total flexibility, offering two levels of operator interface.
  • FLOWCON plus

    The intelligent flow controller from WITTMANN.
  • Process Technology

    Barrier screw: Rapidmelt
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