Robot control: CNC8 with TeachBox R8.3


The control offers the user a comfortable graphical user interface via the touch screen TeachBox for direct selection of all functions.



TeachBox R8.3

To avoid unintended operation, the TeachBox can be unplugged from the sub-pendant which contains the main operating functions of the robot. Teach programs can either be saved via the integrated USB-port – on the memory stick provided – or on an integrated flash card memory.



  • Shortest training time for personnel.
  • Free programming of every robot operation.
  • Infinite diagnostic possibilities of the robot functions.
  • Integrated observation of maintenance intervals.
  • Different programming levels for the respective user profile.



Total Flexibility

The current evolution of the R8.3 places particular emphasis on user-friendly operation along with easy communication and interaction with the injection molding unit. It was also designed to be as straightforward as possible for new users to learn to operate. For that reason, the text editor which has proven effective for many years now was retained, but is now assisted by a powerful, graphics-based programming aid. The new QuickNew assistant makes it possible to generate a complete programming sequence in just seven steps. Supported by images and animation, the QuickNew assistant guides the user through the process of programming the system. The creation of a program begins with the selection of the type of ejection (vacuum or gripper), followed by the type of deposition. After defining whether quality parts should be stored separately, for example, or gates have to be ejected, the motion sequence in the mold area is specified – and then the basic program is generated. The teaching of the actual positions is then carried out conveniently using the QuickEdit function already familiar from the previous versions.

CNC Robot control

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