M7.3 – IPC network control

Developed for the administration of medium to complex network configurations with up to 320 network participants. Every participant is connected via a bus module and can be configured for a specific task. This guarantees the maximum flexibility for the set up of customized material handling systems.
M3.7 – IPC control

M7.3 IPC Touchscreen
The high-resolution Touchscreen simplifies user control, as well as the adjustment of process parameters and allows the user a comprehensive view of all attached units.

Line Server LS-B30T
Provides for the control of up to 31 freely configurable bus modules, which can be connected in parallel to one CAN-Bus line. All functions which are available for the respective bus modules can be managed and controlled from the line server. A complete system can have up to 8 individual CAN-Bus lines.

Bus Module BM-4/4
Provides individual control of vacuum loaders, blower stations, central filters, dry air valves, purging valves, etc. Any function can be assigned to the 4 digital inputs and outputs of the bus modules and therefore, gives the system virtually unlimited possibilities of configurability for each particular application.

Screen views of software features

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Material based representation
Visualization of the conveying system using lines to represent the respective material flow of the entire system.

Vacuum loader display
Adjustment of the loading time can be made at any time in the edit mode.

M7.3 IPC Networked Drying Systems
The M7.3 IPC control system permits the connection of DRYMAX battery dryers with network cards to the central M7.3 IPC control system. This allows the visualization of internal parameters and conditions on the generously dimensioned M7.3 IPC control screen as well as the entry of temperature values for the various connected drying hoppers.

M7.3 – connection to ERP systems
All relevant control data and parameters can be transferred to a company wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) and process data monitoring (PDM) system via the open standard protocol OPC.

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