FEEDMAX basic and FEEDMAX plus

These units combine the advantages of a single loader with those of central material loaders.

This practical, newly designed appliance with the appearance of a single loader has been equipped with high-performance blowers, so that it can reach a higher material throughput and handle material conveyance over longer distances.
FEEDMAX plus, based on the central loaders with discharge shut-off valves, offers the possibility of controlling up to 24 devices using the TEACHBOX basic touchscreen remote control – even in combination with FEEDMAX basic.


  • Material contacting components of stainless steel.
  • Vacuum connection with sealing surface.
  • Flap lid with integrated screen.
  • Inlet with proper wall thickness, special steel casting.
  • ambiLED status Display.
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  • Superior wear resistance
    Pneumatically actuated cast stainless steel material and vacuum valves for highly abrasive feeding applications.
  • Complete flexibility
    Stainless steel line size reducers can be easily interchanged to maximize flexibility.
  • Ergonomic design
    A hinged lid without valves or hose connections offers unmatched accessibility for simple cleaning.
  • Simple cleaning
    One self-locking toggle latch is easily accessible and opens towards the operator.
  • Easy operation
    Modular assemblies with fully accessible quick release band clamps can be easily cleaned and interchanged.
  • Easily visible – ambiLED
    Status LEDs and pluggable control cable for all network control Systems.
  • Robustness
    Material hopper is well supported through the solid integrated flange structure.
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