FEEDMAX S 3-net single loader

Optimized single loader for flexible conveying of smaller material volumes of up to 20 kg/h in permanent operation.
Peak performance of up to 250 kg/h.

Robust stainless steel construction
All components in contact with material are made of stainless steel and are therefore perfectly suited for critical and abrasive applications.

Polyester filter with dedusting
To achieve a longer lifetime a polyester filter was used. The cloth-like filter surface is ensuring that any intake and accumulation of dust particles is made impossible. This filter is never losing its shape, and it is held in position during the entire conveying cycle, ensuring an absolutely unproblematic buildup of vacuum.

Included in the standard package is a 780 mm long wand with air vents for the adjustment of the material load, as well as a 5 m PVC hose.

Light signal in different colors at the flap lid for the visualization of internal operating conditions.

Granulator operating mode
Adjustable timer function for the emptying of a granulator regrind bin.


Detail views

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  • Proportional valve: The proportional valve for the measurement of two components is externally attached to the material inlet. The control allows the selection of the measurement in percent and the number of material levels in the hopper.
  • TEACHBOX basic: Second teach pendant for remote access when the loader is mounted on blenders or tall machine hoppers. Via the touch display, the control of up to 4 material loaders is possible.
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