FEEDMAX series B

The modular design of these vacuum loaders guarantees specific adjustment to meet individual customer requirements, as well as for simple cleaning.

Complete flexibility
Stainless steel line size reducers can be easily interchanged to maximize flexibility.

Superior wear resistance
Pneumatically actuated cast stainless steel material and vacuum valves for highly abrasive feeding applications.

Low maintenance
Interchangeable stainless steel center section offers low maintenance and allows hopper capacity to be easily changed.

Completely dustproof
Pneumatic discharge shut-off valve design permits clean room operation for standard loaders.

Highest operational reliability
Dustproof and pneumatically controlled material shut-off discharge valve.

Ergonomic design
A hinged lid without valves or hose connections offers unmatched accessibility for simple cleaning.

Simple cleaning
One self-locking toggle latch is easily accessible and opens towards the operator.

Easy operation
Modular assemblies with fully accessible quick release band clamps can be easily cleaned and interchanged.

Easily visible
Status LEDs and pluggable control cable for all network control Systems.

Material demand via proximity sensor standard with high heat execution.

Material hopper is well supported through the solid integrated flange structure.

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The FEEDMAX CT series permits from any viewing angle simple visual flow of the
material. The high-quality glass section is balanced for high loads and an optimal material flow.



Slanted lid and center Body
valves are completely accessible for easier and simpler cleaning access than conventional design.



Pneumatic material discharge shut-off valve
Highest functionality guaranteed through a completely leak-proof seal every conveying cycle. The dustproof design also guarantees dust free operation at the machine hopper.

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