EcoPower Xpress 160 – 500 t

EcoPower Xpress machines are high-performance machinery for extremely short cycle times with clamping forces ranging from 160 to 500 t. The innovative EcoPower Xpress series stands for high dynamic, speed and accuracy. Due to their high performance and short cycle times the machines are especially suitable for the packaging and thin-wall industries.

The high-speed machine

toggle lever bolts

The EcoPower Xpress is an extremly fast toggle-injection molding machine whose main movements are driven by water-cooled servo motors. The model heigth adjustment system of the clamping unit is also driven by an electric motor. A hydraulic system with servo drive is used for the secondary movements.

The machine is equipped with a highly dynamic injection unit. The screw infeed movement for injection and retraction of the screw during plasticizing is driven by twin herringbone gear racks with symmetrical force transmission.

The clamping unit of the EcoPower Xpress is a 3-platen/4-tiebar system with a 5-point toggle lever, self-locking in the end position, with a drive system consisting of a servo motor and rack-and-pinion gears. The highly rigid moving platen travels on a moving carriage on the machine frame, supported by linear guides and rotating roller bearings, without contact to the tie-bars.



  • Servo-electric high-performance injection molding system for thin-walled products
  • Injection units in 3 sizes for injection speeds of up to 600 mm/s and injection pressures of up to  2,500 bar
  • Highly dynamic injection acceleration of up to 15,000 mm/s2
  • High-performance plasticizing barrier screws
  • Maintenance-free 5-point toggle lever system with encapsulated central lubrication system
  • Fast responding mold protection system


  • Generously dimensioned mold platens
  • 5-point toggle lever clamping system with symmetrical force transmission
  • In the end position self-locking toggle lever with optimized kinematic design
  • Easy access to the ejector and platen environment for cleaning
  • Chute height of 500 mm in 3 directions
  • Mold height adjustment device with 4 bronze tie-bar nuts and a sun gear driven by a servo motor
  • Tightly clamped toggle bolts without play
  • Completely encapsulated and maintenance-free central lubrication system of the toggle lever joint
  • Generously dimensioned moving carriage and cross head of the toggle lever guided on virtually friction-free linear guides
  • Electrical high-speed injection unit with injection speed of up to 600 mm/s, acceleration/decelertion of up to 15,000 mm/s² and injection pressures of up to 2,500 bar
  • Injection drive via twin herringbone gear racks and two water-cooled servo motors with encapsulated lubrication system
  • Metering drive with offset-geared, water-cooled servo motor
  • Stroke measurement system with digital absolute encoder
  • Moment-free nozzle contact through parallel positioning of pressure cylinders
  • All-electric injection unit designed with a large retraction stroke to allow barrel change from the top with a crane
  • Highly sensitive control mechanisms in combination with HiQ software modules to compensate external influencing factors
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