MacroPower E 400 - 1100 

The compact, engery-saving high-performance machine of the PowerSeries: The MacroPower E Hybrid combines the advantages of a servo-hydraulic large machine with those of an all-electric injection unit and stands out by ist high-speed, extremely accurate injection performance. The high-speed injection unit of the MacroPower E comes with impressive injection dynamism. The MacroPower E stands for high speed, energy efficiency and precision.

The compact large hybrid machine

The MacroPower E Hybrid consists of a modern, servo hydraulic 2-platen clamping unit combined with an all-electric high-speed injection unit capable of 450 mm/sec injection speed. Its high dynamism, precision and energy efficiency enable the production of high-precision plastic parts with simultaneously minimal energy input. This makes the machine an ideal choice for molds with large numbers of cavities from the packaging and electronics industries, and for thin-walled, high-precision technical components.

In the MacroPower E Hybrid, the clamping, ejector and nozzle movements run on a servo-hydraulic system. A highly dynamic servo motor is used as drive unit. The hydraulic pump is an electrically adjustable axial piston pump with a variable displacement volume laid out to meet the performance requirements of the clamping unit. Flow regulation is effected via the motor speed and/or the pivoting angle of the hydraulic pump.


  • Maximal dynamism and injection speed.
  • Minimal mass inertia moment.
  • Extreme precision and repeatability of the injection process.
  • Minimal energy input.
  • Extremely low noise emission.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Maximal cost efficiency.
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  • Extremely short footprint.
  • High rigidity and stability thanks to short tie bars and FEM optimized platens.
  • Synchronized locking of tie bar nuts completely integrated in moving platen.
  • Low-maintenance linear guides to support moving platen.
  • Clean mold space.
  • Precise platen parallelism over the entire stroke.
  • High opening and closing speeds through differential control system.
  • Short dry cycle times.
  • Extreme precision and repeatability of the injection process.
  • Easy mold insertion and high mold weights.
  • Sensitive mold safety system thanks to extremely smooth-running platen guides.
  • Mold protection through minimization of platen deflection.
  • Low-maintenance and service-friendly design of all components.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Optimized melt homogeneity thanks to a uniform L/D ratio of 22 : 1 and an injection pressure of 2,000 bar with medium-diameter screws.
  • Linear guide systems ensure precise axial movements of the injection unit.
  • Carriage cylinders positioned opposite each other provide momentum-free nozzle carriage.
  • Compact, robust, open design with easy accessibility.
  • Universal compatibility of identical barrels with different injection units for both hydraulic and electric injection units.
  • Maintenance-free design with water-cooled direct drive.
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