ATON plus G30, G70 and G120

The ATON plus segmented wheel dryer provides the advantages of a consistent dew point and maximum energy efficiency. This dryer is equipped with the WITT-MANN segmented drying wheel and has a multitude of energy saving functions. Above that, it uses a touchscreen as the user interface and the net5 system. Via this, drying parameters can be set, and material loaders can be connected to the system and can be administrated.
ATON plus

露點低至 -65°C (-85°F)


Material Database via USB-Stick
Up to 5 material data sets can be imported via a USB interface.

3-Save Process – Intelligent use of Energy
Three separate methods use the heating energy of the dryer to significantly reduce energy consumption. The combination of counter airflow regeneration, radiant heat recovery, and efficient heater design make up the 3-Save Process.

EcoMode – Indexing regeneration during lower water load
During high water loads, continuous wheel mode provides the best dry air conditions. The ATON plus adjusts automatically the regeneration temperature when the material throughput or water load in the plastic resin is reduced. The regeneration works by indexing portions of the wheel and is saving energy.



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  • 露點感應器: 露點顯示具有報警功能和啟動露點管理。。
  • 回流空氣冷卻器: 回流空氣冷卻盤管整合在過濾器本體內,不僅能提供最高效率,而且容易整修。
  • 製程微粒過濾器: 粉塵分離效率高達 99.9%,確保材料加工的光學特性。
  • 高溫結構體: 需要更高的溫度才能將製程溫度能力(標準: 130 °C)升高至 180°C(356°F),進行有效率的材料乾燥。


  1. 製程空氣鼓風機
  2. 再生加熱器
  3. 熱交換器
  4. 回流空氣過濾器
  5. 再生階段
  6. 冷卻階段
  7. 塑料樹脂
  8. 製程空氣加熱器
  9. 真空脫氣接頭
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