VPower R 120 – 160 t

The flexible VPower R rotary table machine is available with clamping force sizes from 120 t to 160 t and rotary table diameters of 1300mm and 1600 mm. It is characterized above all by its high degree of efficiency, its fast changeover capability and its maximum mold protection thanks to the UNIFORCE compensation platen system. The machines of the VPower R series can be optimally combined with the WITTMANN production cell.

Efficient and convertable

The VPower R stands for highest precision, flexibility, efficiency and mold protection. It is not only designed for flexible adjustment to any given manufacturing task, but also allows for changes between different manufacturing processes involving only short changeover times. Furthermore the powerful control unit UNILOG B8 offers numerous possibilities for process monitoring and documentation. Optional, as an alternative to the standard drive, a direct drive by means of a servo motor is offered, which allows for simultaneous plasticizing.
This machine series has a smaller footprint than its predecessors and is easy to operate due to its low and ergonomic working height. Particularly noteworthy is the UNIFORCE compensation platen system, which ensures a previously unattainable even and wear reducing transmission of force between the horizontal beams and the mold clamping area.



  • Easy access to the media supply connections below the rotary table
  • A rotary table system without a central tie-bar allows for unhindered production.
  • Shortest rotation times and highest precision of positioning of the rotary tables
  • Easy conversion of the injection unit between horizontal and vertical Position
  • UNIFORCE compensation platen system for optimal force distribution
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  • 2-tie bar servo-hydraulic clamping unit without central tie bar
  • Exact platen parallelism across the entire stroke
  • High opening and closing speed thanks to differential control system and interconnection of both pumps
  • Dynamic end position definition through indexing
  • Short dry cycle times
  • Ergonomic working height for the operator
  • Easy access to mold space and nozzle as well as to the media supply
  • Ample space and symmetrical force distribution
  • Deformation of the rotary table and mold platen reduced to a minimum
  • Central opening for insertion of cable and/or tube connection as well as rotating conduit for media connection
  • Flexible configuration of rotary table stations
  • Circumferential seal of the rotary table to prevent penetration of liquids or particles
  • Low-maintenance and service-friendly design of all components
  • Servo-electric rotary table with short cycle times
  • Optimized melt homogeneity thanks to a uniform L/D ratio of 22:1 and an injection pressure of 2,000 bar with medium-diameter screws
  • Linear guide system ensures precise axial movements of the injection unit
  • Carriage cylinders positioned opposite each other provide momentum-free nozzle carriage
  • Universal usablility
  • Aggregat support via linear guides
  • Highest repetitive accuracy
  • Compact design with integrated injection block and easy access to all components
  • Freely height-adjustable horizontal injection unit with path measurement system and easy nozzle centering
  • Versatile convertibility between H and V injection positioning
  • High injection rates
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